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IOMI Footnurse Energising Socks 

Everyday Life can really take it out on our legs, long periods spent sitting, such as commuting, working at a desk or attending long meetings take their toll. It’s no easier for anyone who stands for long periods either – standing work desks, benches, counters and even security work can make legs ache and even swell up.

Sock Shop IOMI Footnurse's Energising Socks aim to prevent the aching our legs experience too often by regenerating them back into life. The Footnurse graduated compression being the main reason for reducung aching in the legs, the compression acting greater at the ankle, gradually reducing further up the leg to support muscles and help circulation.

More on IOMI Footnurse Energising Socks Design

IOMI Energising Socks possess a factor 10 graduated compression rating at the ankle, the circumference being 24cm (approved by British Standard BS6612:1985)..

A Soft Touch and Comfortable Toe Seam is also combined into IOMI's design for all day comfort. They are also Knee High so that the effect of graduated compression can be maximised across the whole leg.

3 Pairs Mens Knee High Compression Socks

SKU: iomi-3-pairs-mens-knee-high-co522980439
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